Friday, October 20, 2006

First Post

As a first post I'd like to put out a funny idea I had today. I've been studying for a chemistry test and I like to take breaks frequently and do anything other than what I'm studying. Well I happened to wonder about how people answer the question "What is the most important thing we should know in life?" I thought of the most common answer I recieve: "What the meaning of life is."

As I thought about it, that answer brought up the idea that "the meaning of life" can be thought of as both objectively subjective, and subjectively objective (also, the number "42" came to mind). A contradiction perhaps? Not in the context I have in mind.

In order to answer the question about the meaning of life, you must answer what is really a more important question, that is "Does God exist?" It is a more important question because it affects what the a person's view is in regards to life's meaning. It is sort of like a 1st cause/ 2nd cause. With that in mind, first I'll explain what I think about the meaning of life being subjectively objective.

The question about the meaning of life can be subjective based on our beliefs about the existence of God. For example, an athiest does not believe in God and therefore the meaning of life must be nothing, which in his opinion is objective truth. Of course his opinion is subjective in that he does not believe in God, and that gives consequence to his responce about life's meaning.
In the same way, a Christian may respond that the meaning of life is living by way of the will of God in order to achieve entrance to heaven and see God face-to-face.
Both of these views create and answer to the meaning of life which are subjective to the answerer (is that a word?).

On the other hand, the answer is obectively subjective because no matter what the beliefs of a person are, the truth is still the truth regardless. The truth is objective, it doesn't change from person to person. In that case the meaning of life is subjective to the truth which is an objective fact. For example, if God exists, and Catholicism holds true, then the meaning of life is such as the catholic church proclaims regardless of the beliefs of the athiest or buddhist or otherwise. The claim of the church is then objective fact and the meaning of life is subjective to the claims of the church.

Again, this means that the most important question in the world today is "Does God exists?" After answering that question you must then seek out to answer another question, "If God exists, what does that entail for me?" and other questions which arise from those answers and so on.

All in all, my point was just to say that what I thought was an apparent contradiction instead led me to think about all that. Take or leave it I guess. Any thoughts on this would great.

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