Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I thought Wikipedia's article on All Saint's day was pretty interesting. You can get there from HERE. My wife doesn't really like Halloween much because she feels the "evil" side has gotten out of hand. I think our culture has really brought out evil on ASD (to shorten All Saints Day) but the last couple of years the columnists at Catholic exchange have written some great ideas on taking Halloween back. I wish I could find them to link but alas... (here is this years article, pretty good one I think). Anyway, I enjoy Halloween. I loved trick-or-treating as a kid and sometimes I still wish I could dress up as a superhero (no comments needed on that ash:)). I think its important to try to let kids enjoy it and make some memories. I don't have kids yet so I can't say that I know that I'm right, but I feel like we should do what parents are always asked to do and teach our kids what Halloween is really about and then take them out to have a good time on this HOLYday (and get some superhigh blood sugar!). Anyway, don't forget Wednesday is a Holy day of obligation so don't miss mass, remember to pray for the souls in Purgatory, and ask the saints to pray for us that we can celebrate their special day with a desire to be like them!


Ash said...

I was in the store Urban Outfitters the other day and saw that they had shirts that looked like the Batman and Robin pj's we used to have when we were little. I was going to buy each of us our respective pj hero, but then I saw they were $28 a piece! I decided I would wait until they go on sale. They also had a superman one... it was really hard not to get them.... :) Hope you guys had a great evening. We had quite a few little critters stop by to get some candy this evening. We ran out too early though. Next year we'll know to get more. Love ya'll!

Ash said...

I found pictures of the shirts... you can check them out on my blog. :)