Wednesday, October 25, 2006

North Korea

Its hard to believe everything that's happening in Korea right now. I spent a year there from March of 2002 until March of 2003 and I thought it was a beautiful place with wonderful people. Just looking at the picture here you can tell that the South Korea is ahead of the North in technology, I think if you could take a picture of the spirit of the country it would look a little like this too.

The people of South Korea take great pride in their country, and I can't imagine how they feel knowing that their brothers in the north just keep threatening them and pushing away all possible help.

We used to talk alot about the stability of Kim Jong Il's regime and how long we thought it would stay in power. Alot of years have been estimated, some have past and some haven't, and it seems that Kim Jong Il knows he's teetering and is just trying to stay afloat. He's always stayed one wave ahead of the one to turn him over. He's always made the moves to just scrape by and keep power, and that says something. He's only worried about staying in power.

The problem I see is that he finally got nukes. I think we could have blown away his facilities and he would have only threatened retaliation but he wouldn't have done anything as long as he stayed in power. Its always been about him staying in power. Now...well, he knows we have a bulls eye on him and that if we come after him he has a bigger stick to wave around than before. Will we do anything? I think President Bush knows we have to, and steps have already been taken to apply economic pressure on him. I think sanctions may pull him in some. All the aid that has been sent to the people of North Korea was always taken away by the government and directed at the military (the world's largest standing army by the way). Now, they have nothing to feed their army and they'll have to make a concession. I've heard people say that the North would attack then and it would be the most casualty producing war ever. However, the fact of the matter is, its about stability. Tell Kimmy he can stay in power, but the UN (I'd rather say us but we have to let him save some face) must have DIRECT supervision of ALL military facilities as well as people THERE, ON THE GROUND at those facilities.

I don't see Kim Jong Il ever using the stick he picked up, I think he'll just keep waving it. He knows if he swings it he'll join the dead dictators society and that's the last thing he wants. For us, even though regime change is what we want, we have to know it will come in time. With direct oversight, even by the corrupt UN, we can send the food to the people and take the Bomb from his arsenal. I think that needs to be the ultimate goal, but by absolutely, possitively no means can we allow things to stay where they are. We can link NK to Libya and Iran in missile technology, who knows if they're also helping with Irans nuke program. Dr. Khan might not be Irans only helper. And if Iran has nukes then so does every Israel hating and western hating terrorist group out there. That is unacceptable.

Now if only it was as easy to do it as to say it...

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