Friday, November 10, 2006

Election Blues

I really never thought that it would happen. That the dems would win both the senate and the house. Hopefully the Roberts Court is strong enough now to save the Partial Birth Abortion ban and maybe with some new legislation, strengthen pro-life causes. I hope that the older justices can hold on until we swing back congress to our side. By the way, Catholic Exchange has a good article about why congress might still be a little pro-life HERE.

My greatest fear now is that the dems will try to pull us out of Iraq. Being a former soldier, I have alot of friends who were sent over there, and every one that came back said the same thing "It wasn't fun, but it wasn't near what they show on the news." Yes, people die every day, but they do in the US too. Basically they tell me this, good things are happening, people here don't understand what's going on because they're being told that nothing good is happening. We need to stay the course. Another thing is we need to be visible there until the job is finished, not hiding in a base outside of where the job needs to be done, but where the job needs to be done. The reason is because even though a base outside of the cities may make it easier to stop attacks on troops when they're in garrison, its much like having the cavalry in the fort while the indians attack the town. Why? The terrorists are attacking civilians, when they don't see anyone around, they can do what they want when they want. When they see troops around, its more intimidating and gives second thought. Of course attacks will still happen, but it changes the terrorists ability to execute their plans and gives the civilians a better sense of security for sure.

I'm also afraid of what the dems will try to do to our intel capabilities. Having been in that field myself, I've seen what we can do and what we can't in regards to privacy issues and let me tell you, the rules could never be more stringent. That's a good thing. The problem is when the dems discuss intell issues like the NSA's programs, they discuss it as if all we do is sit around spying on the family down the street or check out what the Johnson's are having for dinner. That dehumanizes the troops doing the work. Come on folks, we're people too and we don't want to invade people's privacy any more than we'd want our privacy invaded. The rules say that we'd get sent to a federal penitentiary for doing invading someone's privacy for no good reason, even with the Patriot Act laws. It's just ridiculus to me that the dems try to say that we're inhuman government robots ready to listen in on you talking with your grandma.

I have hope from this election though. Since the dems won the election, it seems to me that they will be emboldened to run on more liberal issues in the '08 election which could be a congress swinger AND will be a presidential election. If anyone noticed, no democrat ran on a very liberal agenda. Instead they basically posed as conservatives. Cutting to the chase, if the dems try to go liberal between now and '08, they would set themselves up for losing congress again as well as letting us keep the presidency and that my friends would be the better victory of the two. I also blame a little bit of this loss on conservative voter apathy. I don't feel like we "got out the vote." When there's a pres election you know we will. So here's to '08 and the escape from the new "America Held Hostage."

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Ashley said...

Speaking of Iraq, Matthew (Andy's brother) was supposed to be moved from where ever he was stationed in Iraq into Bagdad some time this week. Please keep him in your prayers.

Not too long ago someone he was standing next to go shot in the arm.