Wednesday, November 15, 2006

War Ideas

Great new post today by James Fitzpatrick on the war in Iraq. Read it HERE. I think Fitzpatrick's column must be in reply to the statement put out recently by the US Bishops Council. The council did nothing but state the obvious in my opinion, that when we're no longer needed we need to leave. The problem is, we are still needed and so we can't leave, and putting out a statement about leaving sounds like they want us out now, which I think many of them do. Being a former soldier, I know that no troop wants to be there, but ask someone who has been in Iraq if there is a need and they will answer yes. On there was an article in which Gen Abizaid, our top man in Iraq said "no" to a time table for withdrawal. That article is HERE. Of course there was also no suggestion offered as to a solution in the bishops' statement. That just adds to my opinion that the statement was about nothing.

I want to mention that I do respect the thoughts from the USCCB, but I wish they would either make suggestions toward a reasonable solution, or not make statements that sound like whining. All in all, I think Fitzpatrick really sums it up, and I have to say, if I was a more eloquent writer, that's what I would have wanted to say.

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