Friday, December 08, 2006

Another Reason the Patriot Act Should Stand

We stopped another attack at home. Get the story HERE. This one looks like a kid who was a little dilusional, not a hardcore terrorist, none-the-less this is why we need the Patriot Act. There are still more regulations than you can shake a stick at as to what you can and cannot do regarding suveillance, which is good, but at least the PA gives us a better shot at stopping the bad guys. Stories like these should remind us that the fight isn't over at home.

Also, pray for the kid to get some sense. There have been other stories about kids like this who sound like the type that think they don't fit in and they want to be a part of something. They remind me of the Columbine types. If I recall there was a reservist they caught trying to give info to terrorists on deployment dates and unit strengths but he wasn't very smart about hiding it. Pray for these kids.


Alvin said...

Just curious, you may know more than me...
what is it that law enforcement was able to do this time that they wouldn't have had there been no patiot act?

Seems like they have always been able to arrest people when they make deals with under cover cops, from weapons to Cheerleader Mom Killers

aggiecatholic said...

As far as law enforcement goes, I'm not sure to what extent the law has changed. For the military, or other government agencies what has changed is the ability to surveille (sp?) American ciizens/foreigners on American soil. That may not seem like a big deal, but it is. In the past, agencies had to spend a lot of time begging permission to track bad guys in the US. It was even against the law for non-law enforcement agencies, for example the NSA, to hand over information collected accidentally on bad guys to law enforcement types. If, for instance, the NSA caught plans for a bank robbery to happen in New York, they had to destroy the recording/data. The only way to use it was if the data contained information which could endager many people's lives. That's kind of a silly law. In that case, the agency would still have to go through a process of asking for special permission from the attorney general to keep and disseminate the info.

Based on that, the Patriot Act sort of stream lines the process and makes it easier to get information to those who need it, as well as keep track of bad guys without wasting time with a ton of paperwork BEFORE you actually track the guy. There is still of course oversight of the process, and there is still a process for making sure that the people you are tracking are really bad guys and not a neighbor you don't like.
There are many other applications of the PA, but that's one of the biggies as I see it.

Sorry its so long, and it may not be a great answer, but its the best I have at 3:45am. If I don't make sense let me know and I'll try again.Thanks for the question!