Friday, December 01, 2006

Great Stories

If you want to hear about the heroes on the ground in Iraq, check out some of the new stories at For some reason blogger isn't letting me link web sites the way I normally do so I'll just paste in the url. Find the first story here:,2933,233625,00.html

This one is the first in a series so keep watching and see the great men and women we have to be proud of and thankful for.


Ashley said...

Are you using html codes? You can try this if not

[a href="http://insert website here]Name of link [\a] but replace the [] with < >

Which will result in something like this:

Texas A&M link

Ashley said...

oops... it should have ended up with something like this:

Correct link

Also, there should be a set of " after the word here in the code.

Ashley said...

ok... last comment...
example of what the code was for the link I made

[a href=""] Correct link [\a]

but again, with [ ] replaced by < >