Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Jesus could be king of Poland, atleast honorarily

For those who have made Jesus king of your life, Poland wants to join you. Atleast 46 of the 460 members of their parlaiment want to join you. Get the story HERE.

The story says the bishops don't support the proposal, calling it well intended but propoganda. I tend to agree that as good natured as it is, a country can celebrate its historical roots (calling the E.U., call the E.U....and the U.S.) but to make Jesus an officially recognized honorary head of state may be a little different. As much as I like the idea, I have to think that it burns the boundary a little between church and state. I don't think we'd like the idea of Turkey naming Mohammed the honorary sultan of Turkey, it seems a little anti-religious freedom. On the other hand, Islam being recognized for its contribution to Turkish society seems by the government seems a good thing.

In my humble opinion, I think if Poland wants to honor the King, they should make an official act of recognition by the government towards the contributions of the Church in Polish society and culture. I don't know how far that reaches, but I think its the best thing to do. I hope I don't sound like a hippy, pansy, lib, but there's my two cents.

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