Saturday, December 23, 2006

Man in California sets himself on fire...for a reason I can't grasp

Okay. The man from the story HERE, lit a Christmas tree on fire, and an American flag, and a revolutionary American flag. He wanted to demonstrate how upset he was about a school district reverting back to using the names "Christmas Break" and "Easter Break." I can see the point, he thinks its a mixing of church and state I suppose. Then, he loses me. He lights himself on fire. Why doesn't this make sense? If the man is an atheist, and he kills himself, what good has he done? What does he gain from it if he's going to die and believes that it really is the end? Its kind of like Nietzsche, if there is no God, then its all about me. If its all about me, the last possible thing you would ever want to do is end your own life, then there's no more "me".

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