Monday, December 04, 2006

RoboSalmon, the breakthrough we've all been waiting for

When I say the words "innovative technology,"what do you think of? Well of course you think robotic fish. What's that? Cancer zapping research? Why work on that when you can build a robot that swims like a real fish? Check out the story Here about the guys who built RoboSalmon.

Joking aside, this is kind of cool, but I wonder how much money was spent developing this. A RoboSalmon? What kind of information are they hoping this thing can gain for them that they can't already get? I can't see any use for this robot that you couldn't already get from current submersibles. I suppose that's why I'm not getting paid the big bucks though.

This reminds me of a Seinfeld stand-up act where he say "Let's see I just graduated with my doctorate, what kind of research should I do? Hmmm. Should I help to fight cancer? No. Should I work on helping develop new drugs? No. I know, I want to create a watermelon without seeds. Yes, I will use my knowledge to create seedless watermelons!"

Anyway, I guess I'm cranky from being up late. I know I shouldn't be this critical. If I could half the things these guys can with some electronics I'd be a happy engineer.

See the video below.

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