Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sacrificed camel proves Turkey is ready for the EU

If nothing else has shown just how ready Turkey is for the E.U., the sacrifice of a camel on the end of a runway in Ankara should finish the debate. Here's the foxnews link.

The EU is so backward right now that they'll do one of two things with this 1) They'll say "its okay, we accept you for who you are. Your culture and religious prefernces are fine with us, even if it comes to sacrificing camels. Heck the camel probably deserved it anyway so give it a try on one of our runways." or 2) "Whoa, you guys really are from a different culture. Maybe we should wait a bit. You know, you guys could really help to bring some stability to the middle east..."

My bet is they'll probably choose option #1 so that no one thinks they're being "intolerant" of Turkish culture. I don't think sacrificing camels is the norm in Turkey by the way. I think B16 was probably right though in regards to Turkey's status with the E.U. I'm not sure they go together like peas and carrots.

Last thought on this: were the airplanes really that bad that the airline workers felt it was worth sacrificing camels on the runway?

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