Monday, January 29, 2007

Catholic/British Adoption Agencies

I don't know how things work exactly over there in England, but I don't see why a Catholic adoption agency is running on government funds. I do not think that its run the way we do it with our "faith-based initiatives." Get the story HERE. If the agency is using government funding it must conform to government standard- even if that standard is disordered as is the case with coming legislation regarding equality among same-sex adoption applicants. Also, in my opinion, if the government would force the agencies to do their [the government's] will which is against Catholic teaching, then the Catholic agency must shut down.

My thoughts are processing like this:

1. All same-sex adoptions are bad and against church teaching because it is intristically disordered.
2. A catholic agency must choose to discontinue operations when the operation is counter to church teaching and is intristically disordered.
3. Therefore, the church agency must end operations if forced to allow same-sex adoptions.

I'm sure that some may counter that there may be more good done in continuing operations and doing what good you can for the children than the evil commited in discontinuing operations all together. That opinion I find incorrect because if the church was to continue then two consequences follow: 1) the church would compromise its authority on later matters, for example forcibly allowing for the option of abortion in catholic hostpitals because the state would see it as an equality of choice issue. 2)the church would compromise its ideals and teachings among its own people. For instance, if I saw the church fail to take a stand against something intristically evil, say giving communion to a person who openly supports abortion, then I may decide that the option to support "choice" is an okay thing. What the church teaches as wrong I may feel free to assume is only a passing teaching that will change when the "old guard" dies out.

Of course those are only examples which may or may not occur (though obviously one has occured and we see the havoc being wrought daily by Pelosi, Kerry and the like with their culture of death antics). I think the church must take a stand in England and let the government know that in passing the same-sex adoption legislation they will be shutting down some of their best agencies.

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