Friday, January 12, 2007

UNICEF- leading the way to a dumber future

What should we do to save the children? Promote a feminist agenda of course! Nothing helps a child toward a stronger future than killing it before birth. But then why keep the feminazis from stopping there when the children who do survive are suffering in countries where governments are corrupt? Instead, require quotas to be met on the number of women in that corrupt government. Because it doesn't matter what your backwards culture believes, UNIFRENCH knows its soooo right. What's this..."Critics of UNICEF are increasingly concerned that the organization is in jeopardy of abandoning its primary mission to help children." You mean to say that promoting the feminist agenda may mean that UNIHIGHANDMIGHTY isn't helping the kids?

Sorry, I think I'm a little too sarcastic but my point is that at no time in the past has UNICEF ever promoted an agenda for children. The only agenda they have pushed is feminism and especially population control- A.K.A.- abortion. I think it would be safe to say that UNICEF has had an agenda more towards helping children reach the afterlife more than they've helped children in this life and for that they deserve to go "where the worm dieth not." Please don't support UNICEF. All they want is to become an internationally funded international Planned Parenthood.

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