Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Worries are bound to happen

As with every semester, money problems always occur. If the GI bill would issue a check for tuition and then pay out every month as a stipend minus the lump sum I think it would be a much better help. As it works currently GI Bill users get only a monthly stipend which really doesn't help a ton with tuition. You have to borrow money and then try to pay it back with the GI bill. Eventually everything works out but there's about three months worth of praying that the bank will cover any negative balance that may occur while you try and pay off the emergency loan you took to cover tuition.

Well, with my major change to philosophy from electrical engineering the question I am being asked daily is "What kind off job are you going to get when you graduate?" Some people are already prepared to tell me that many phil majors go into law, but that's not me. Others go into engineering fields to be ethics police on different projects, again not for me though it is a little more interesting. For me I think I will aim toward catechises.

Back in the day I wanted to go to Franciscan U. up in Steubie., OH. I wanted to double major in catechisis and theology. Again the money issue, private schools aren't cheap, and here I am back home and at Texas A&M (which is by no means a loss, I always have wanted to be an aggie). Now, with the opportunities available as a phil major, I think God is calling me again in that direction. I think maybe he got tired of me keeping my discernment phone on vibrate.

The problem is that my wife has always wanted to be a stay at home mom. If I were to work at the parish level, as say for instance a DRE, the paycheck would probably not be available for this to work too well. This worries her, and to a certain extent me. I always tell her to only worry about the things she can do something about (of course while asking for Divine assistance) and leave the rest entirely up to God. That's easier said than done, but it sets her mind more at ease to hear it. I try to do the same, but again its easier said than done.

I think maybe the best advice is along those lines as is given by Jesus: "Consider the ravens..." The birds, you see, don't worry about the things that we do. They don't worry much at all. Jesus asks us to follow their example and leave our concerns with our heavenly Father. I hope I can.

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