Wednesday, February 28, 2007

News Flash!-- Tomb of Jesus discovered 2000 years ago!

For those who haven't heard the news, the tomb of Jesus of Nazereth was found 2000 years ago in Jerusalem! After three days under heavy guard, however, the body has apparently risen as the Christ himself has been seen and spoken with by many. More to come on this breaking news.

Seriously, for 200 years we've known where the tomb of Jesus has been-- with no body in it. Do you think the people who died gruesome deaths because of their faith in Jesus and knew where the tomb was because they were there could have screwed it up? I really don't think THIS can be taken seriously.

This isn't the first time someone claimed to know the true location of the tomb of Jesus. HERE is another that not only claims to know where Jesus is buried but also: 1) that he survived the crucifixion, he never died 2) he made his was to the India/Pakistan border because 3) the Pakistani people in Kashmir are the lost tribes of Israel. Oh yeah, and they claim that somehow St. Iranaes knew about it all along (but never told aaaanybody).

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