Friday, February 23, 2007

Philosophical Powers!

Now that I'm running out of Terry Tate videos to use on Fridays I'm switching gears to a more intellectual pursuit: Philosophical Powers! Check out the site to find all your favorite philosophers and their newly buffed action figure selves. This weeks philosopher of the week is Plato.

circa 427-347 B.C.E.
Nationality: Athenian

Group Alliances:
"Angry" Ancients
"Rabid" Realists
"Ragin'" Rationalists

AKA: Sado-Plato
Plato the Great-o
Plato Never Late-o
Plato Makes Ya Wait-o
Plato Ya Love to Hate-o
Plato Seals Yer Fate-o
Plato Puts Ya in a Crate-o
Plato Ships Ya Freight-o
Plato The Pain Will Not Abate-o
Plat-OH NO!

Powers: talented dramatist, invulnerable skin

Weaknesses: his mentor was executed early in Plato's career, leaving him to come up with some pretty weird stuff on his own

Notes: Comes with Plato's Guide to Shadow Puppets: step-by-step instructions on how to make fun and convincing animal shapes with nothing more than your hands and a bright light! This fully-illustrated booklet includes Bunny, Dog, Bird, and Many-Headed Beast.

Plato figures are left unpainted, in deference to the popularly held notion that classical statuary was white rather than flamboyantly, gaily colored (notice the intimidatingly creepy empty-eye effect this creates).

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