Monday, February 12, 2007

So that's what my poly sci prof meant about "euro-democracy"

My last political science professor, for my course in American Gov't. (who was, of course, not an American citizen) used to go on and on about what America could accomplish if only it would "censure" the stupid people who are holding America hostage. By that of course she meant pro-lifers or any one who thought homosexuality was a disordered appetite and not an entitlement. She used to praise to the highest degree the "progressives" in Euro-topia. I can now see why.

Evidently in Portugal the law is really only a "quasi-law." The law requires 50% of registered voters to turnout for a nation-wide referendum to be binding, however after only 40% or so showed to vote to loosen abortion laws the prime dictator...oops, I mean prime minister... said they would "move forward with plans to allow legal abortion." Amazing how that works.

Years after Jim Crow laws were finally abolished because they were discriminatory, "progressives" have decided world-wide that there's no reason to fool with them. Instead of hiding your discrimination by only allowing certain groups to vote, just do what you want no matter what happens. Not enough people show up for your culture-of-death-fest-2007? Well who cares, we're going to call it a success anyway!

Oh yeah, read the story HERE. Almost forgot to link it.

I think this might move up the Doomsday clock another minute or so.

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