Monday, February 19, 2007

Sticks and stones can hurt...but words can hurt you too

Wonderful article written by Alice von Hildebrand about the use of words and their "propriety or impropriety." She discusses masterfully how getting across an idea by dumbing it down doesn't do it justice and more. A good read. Find it HERE. Take this little piece as an appetizer:

"The words we use when referring to the intimate sphere are particularly revealing: They can express vulgar coarseness or tender respect. There is a four-letter word that is used only by those whose coarseness must make the angels weep; there are "scientific" words which, by the very nature of science, are neutral. (This is why we can go to a physician and speak about very intimate things in a fashion which is in no way offensive to purity.) For Christians -- blessed by their belief in the Dogma of the Incarnation -- the body has acquired a nobility that calls for an adequate expression. When the Angel Gabriel sent by God asked the sweet holy Virgin to become the mother of His Son, she did not reply, "How is this to be, I have never been sexually active." Rather, she said, "I know not man." One could give a whole university course on purity by meditating on these words."

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