Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Just in case anyone thought Pope B16 believed that hell didn't exist, thank goodness Fox News has caught up with him and heard a sermon delivered in Rome where he announced that it did in fact exist. Get the story HERE. I'm sort of impressed that they wrote this up actually. I suppose it was to stir up a little controversy with the only happy stories Joel Osteen crowd.

I'm still trying to figure out why at the end of the story among quotes by people about hell they used a quote from Jean Paul Sartre- an atheist:
"Locked forever in a small room with two other people"— Jean-Paul Sartre,
"Closed Doors"

Oh well, I guess we atleast know what he'll be doing for eternity. He, Nietzsche and Marx probably.


Ashley said...

I suppose maybe it is because Sartre also said, "Hell is other people." So, two people surely do exist, and so if you are locked in a room with two other people, it is hell, and so thus hell must exist. :)

Direct proof. :)

aggiecatholic said...

I meant why is he listed as discussing hell in an article about the Pope discussing hell.

BTW, I just took a logic test today where I had to do argument proofs. Its more fun than math proofs.

Ashley said...

I was just teasing anyway. :)

Paul Cat said...

In other news: Water discovered once again to be wet.

Histor the Wise said...

I bet Marx has thrashed Nitchy and Sartre by this point.