Thursday, March 15, 2007

Off for Spring-Break!

Amy and I are going wine tasting in Fredericksburg, TX. I know I haven't been bloggin much over the last couple of weeks, believe it or not however I've just been more busy working all the time than I was last week working and going to school. Go figure.

Before I go, here's your Philosophical Power of the week:

Saint Anselm
Nationality: Italian

Group Alliances:
"Scoundrel" Schoolmen
"Thorny" Theists
"Belligerent" Benedictines
"Sadistic" Saints

AKA: Handsome Anselm
Dancin' Anselm
Anselm of "Count 'n' Bury"
Anselm of Canterbury

Powers: the power to preserve rectitude of the will for its own sake

Weaknesses: vulnerable to Gaunilo's™ Perfect Island® attack

Notes: The manufacturing process has painstakingly increased the perfection of these toys by giving them the property of existence. A consequence of the toys' high quality is that they are so expensive that they can be paid for only with money that is both fully divine and fully money.

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