Friday, March 09, 2007

Philosophical Powers Friday continues with a special I forgot to put up The Office on Wednesday edition!

So, for my recovery of The Office Wednesday here's "Dwight's Speech."

And your Philosophical Power of the week is: Augustine.

Augustine- 354-430

Nationality: from Numidia, a Roman province in northern AfricaGroup

Alliances:"Nefarious" Neoplatonists
"Thorny" Theists
"Sadistic" Saints

AKA: Bustin' Augustine
Cussin' Augustine
A-Gustin' Wind
Aurelius Augustinus

Powers: cognition aided by divine illumination; shape shifting ability

Weaknesses: inability to do anything that will earn the divine grace necessary to make up for original sin

Notes: These toys come with with a 224-page minicomic, Concussions of Saint Augustine, explaining the character's origin and describing some of his amazing adventures!

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Christopher said...

I love it, the mitre, the writing quill, and a six-pack. Talk about the Church Militant.