Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Reforming their own rainbow they ought!

Pioneer Press has an article about a Gay-Catholic rally at which "They wore green sweatshirts and green beaded strings to honor the day, and rainbow pins and shirts with phrases such as "Catholic. Liberal. Faithful." to honor their lives." Of course they did, honor their own lives that is. When your only concern is to prove your own greatness rather than Christ's you can never hope to find Him. How can you ever look at Him when all you want to do is say "Look at me, look at me! Ain't I great just the way I am?"

What is it that they don't get? How many people have an inclination to be alcoholic? According to Narconon over 15 million people are alcoholics. Do we tell alcoholics to "be who they are" and tell everyone else to "accept them for who they are?" Of course not. We recognize a problem with alcoholism and we try to help the alcoholic who has the problem. The Church has shown (as have numerous philosophers from a standpoint of natural law) that homosexuality is a disordered desire which in itself is not sinful but when acted upon is gravely sinful. Such was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Retired archbishop Francis Hurley spoke at the rally saying "It's not about being orthodox or not being orthodox, it's about being sensitively aware" Of what? I would think the good archbishop would want us to be "sensitively aware" of sin and of endangering our souls. However with workshops at the event like "Lesbian Nuns: Steps, Stumbles and Strides," "Breaking Bread: Lesbian-Gay Parish Ministry" and "Gay Men in the Priesthood and Religious Life," I get the impression that's not what he meant.

I hope these people can see the beauty in the true colors of God's rainbow in the truth of the Church and stop staring at the rainbow they pinned on themselves.

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