Thursday, April 12, 2007

French candidate is himself shocking

A French pres. candidate is "shocked" the Church's standing on sexual ethics and "that it is 'shocking' for the Church to teach that 'homosexuality is a sin.' He told the newspaper that sexual orientation is an innate characteristic. 'One does not choose one's identity,' he commented."

Two things of note that this guy missed: 1) Homosexuality itself is not sinful but disordered, whereas to act upon homosexual desires is sinful. This could be likened to pre-marital sex between a heterosexual couple. Since marriage between two members of the same sex isn't possible (via natural law) acting upon homosexual tendencies is always and everywhere wrong. 2) The all knowing and infallible science has not said that homosexualtiy is something you are just "born with." As a matter of fact Dr. Francis Collins, who heads the human genome project, has written that the opposite is true. Also, psychologist Dr. Dean Byrd writes HERE that more and more psychologists are discovering "sexual identity was far from fixed." Not only have studies shown that "re-orientation" works, but the American Psychological Association journal has said that re-orientation should be available based on these criteria:
"(a) respect for the autonomy and self-determination of persons, (b) respect for
valuative frameworks, creeds, and religious values regarding the moral status of
same-sex behavior, and (c) service provision given the scientific evidence that
efforts to change thoughts, behaviors, and feeling-based sexual orientation can
be successful."

I hate it when people, especially politicians run their PC mess at everyone just expecting them to jump on board and not ask questions. Guess again Frenchie.

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