Monday, April 23, 2007

Good article from New Oxford Review

A good article showing the hypocrisy of the contraception crowd, especially some up in the hierarchy of the current breast cancer craze. Get the story HERE.

I like this:

"Artificial birth control has become increasingly accessible and customary. Slowly we have depreciated our own self-worth to the point of calling contraception "healthy" and implying it is "pro-family," as the Better Homes and Gardens article transparently articulates. Yet those who say they are pro-women will continue to deny the Pill's link to breast cancer, the national media will ignore the Mayo Clinic study, and we will skip through fields of flowers wearing our pink ribbons."

Catholic & 20 Something pinged back with the link to the report referred to in the article. Thanks Christopher.

Lynne at A Quiet Catholic pinged back with a more recent report from the Mayo clinic. It is HERE.


Christopher said...

I'm trying to track down the actual study Mayo released. Either they're waffling (*gasp*) or the research was faulty, but heres all I found from Mayo Clinic's website so far:
"Birth control pills. The hormone therapy studies have raised questions about the relationship between birth control pills and breast cancer. Unfortunately, there are no clear answers. A large study of women between the ages of 35 and 64 published in June 2002 in the "New England Journal of Medicine" concluded that current or former use of oral contraceptives didn't increase the risk of breast cancer. For the latest information on the pill and breast cancer, talk to your doctor." (emphasis added)

Has there been a subsequent study since 2002? I hope so, because this would contradict a part of Scollards brilliant essay.

Christopher said...

Found it, posted it over at my blog

aggiecatholic said...

Awesome, I'll link it. Thanks a bunch.

Lynne said...

Here's a more recent report from the Mayo Clinic...

Mayo pdf