Tuesday, April 17, 2007

PETA's ultimate nightmare

ConocoPhillips and Tyson have combined forces to come up with a low emissions diesel made of diesel (of course) and animal fat. Get the story HERE.

Anyone who's read a college newspaper in the last decade has probably read an article on a kid who was "ahead of his time" because he ran his car on vegetable oil or something similar. What's funny is diesels can run on vegetable oil and similar things without modification. I'm not sure how these new "low-sulfur-emission" diesels would do, but the old ones ran great, especially on a mix of diesel and whatever.

Interesting to me in the story is that despite these two companies coming up with a semi-alternative fuel, there is still that left wing tendency to hate on corporations: "But some renewable-fuel advocates say ConocoPhillips will be able to take unfair advantage of a tax credit designed to create new refining capacity for clean-burning fuels, even though they'll be using existing refineries." Do you want it or not hippy?

What will PETA do with this? They already hate Tyson's guts as the largest producer of chicken meat in America. Now they have to figure out what they dislike more, killing chickens for meat or fictional global warming.

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