Monday, April 30, 2007

Schedule for next semester

The moment I'm sure you've all been anxiously awaiting- my fall '07 schedule:
Persuasion (you can all prepare to be persuaded often after next semester)
Theory of Knowledge
Ethical Theory
(I'm sure it'll be great at a public school)
Russian II
Intro to Western Theater Drama
(this fulfills an arts requirement)

Believe it or not, Texas A&M is supposed to have one of the top five philosophy dept. in the country. I have no sources for verification of this, but that's the word on the street. I'm pretty excited about next semester.

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Paul Cat said...

My Ethics class at LSU kind of SUCKED. No one wanted to speakup about anything. I think they were afraid they might be wrong. I felt that most people were afraid of exploring their own beliefs. Plus it reeked of relativism. The best response to most of the ethicists we read was JPII "Love and Responsibility". My professor was shocked to learn that JPII was a phenomonologist. If I ever teach ethics in a State School That book and MacIntyre's "After Virtue" are going to be on the list.